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Everything You Need for the Softball Season (Equipment, at Least)

It always feels like an eternity before the softball season begins once more. However, that long wait is usually an opportunity for you to recharge your batteries and start with a clean state. Now that the softball season is around the corner, there are some things that you will require. Here is a list that will make you have a successful season.


Whether you play for an organized league or a competitive one. It’s mandatory for you to have the right equipment. However, before you buy the equipment, always confirm from the regulations governing your league whether that equipment is allowed or not. Below are some of the equipment that you will require.


A bat is a must-have. There are bats made of wood while others made of aluminium. Nevertheless, there are some leagues that have restrictions on the type of bat to be used. In the junior leagues. It’s always advisable for young players to buy bats with safety knobs at the end. Additionally, a good bat should have large end caps on the handle for a firmer grip when making swings.


There are different sizes and colors of softballs in the market. The size of the balls range from ten inches to sixteen inches in circumference. The size depends on the type of game. For instance, slow-pitch games require a ball size of around 16 inches. Whereas in smaller pitches it’s advisable to use a ball size of 12 inches.

Personal Equipment

Irrespective of the league you are playing, as a softball player you should always have personal equipment. This entails equipment helmets, suitable for a fast-pitch hitter and when you are in the on-deck circle. A glove is also essential. It will help you in catching the ball. It’s best if you wear a catcher’s mitt when playing fast pitch softball.


Bases help in ensuring players don’t harm themselves during hard slides. You should ensure that the material of the bases is safe. You can use some plastic or t-shirts or even dirt patches.

Catcher’s Gear

It’s mandatory for a catcher to have protective gear irrespective of the league. A catcher’s gear entails a catcher’s protector, a mask and even shin guards.

Catchers Gear courtesy of Dick’s

Additional Requirements

Other than the equipment, there are some other few things that you will need for the softball season. You need to let go of last season. Whether it was great or terrible, you need to forget about it and move on. Let this season be a fresh start for you. The other thing you need is to start with a lot of enthusiasm and retain it all through the season. It’s normal to begin losing psyche somewhere in the middle of the season. But you need to push yourself and ensure that you meet your goals and objectives.

The above are the things you will need for you to have a successful 2018 softball season. Make sure you have the right equipment and a positive attitude.