That Girl's Got Game

Dealing with emotions at softball games

We’ve all seen those parents that get a little too invested in their child’s softball game. You know the one (or maybe you are the one.) The one that is standing right at the fence yelling something at every play. And while there may come a time to stand up and yell, we should all remember what the game is about. Here are a few things to remember when dealing with emotions at a softball game.

It should be fun!

Sure, some kids may grow up to be a professional softball player, but the point of the game is to have fun. Let’s be honest. The time to drill them on technique and form is when they are at practice. Or when you are throwing the ball around in the yard. Not in the middle of the big game. So if you find yourself getting a little worked up during the next game remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun for them and you!

Don’t get so invested

Emotions can run high anytime your child is involved in something. But try to remember that you don’t have to be so invested. It isn’t your job to make sure the game is going according to plan. They have coaches, assistant coaches and umpires for that very reason. So when tempers start flaring and you feel like stepping in remember, you aren’t the coach, and your child only needs your support.

The coach is off limits

It’s one thing to give a few pointers to your child from the sideline but giving them to the coach is another. This is their job after all. You wouldn’t want someone coming into your office telling you (or screaming at you) about how you should do your job. Keep in mind that these coaches are there because they like the sport and probably like your child. So yelling at them will do no one any good.

You don’t have to be quiet… just respectful

No one expects you to set quietly in the stands. Cheering for your child is half the fun of going to a sporting event. So stand up and cheer! Even giving helpful tips every now and then. But letting your emotions get the best of you just makes for a bad day for everyone.

So the next time you are cheering along with the crowd at a softball game remember to keep your cool. You don’t have to get so invested that you let your child’s game turn your emotions upside down. These games are meant to be fun and the only sure way to spoil that fun is by yelling at everyone. So stand up, cheer, and let your kid know they are there to have a good time (win or lose.)