That Girl's Got Game


Hi! I’m Nathan.

There’s more to parenting than just being present. We all know that it takes active involvement in order to be truly present in a kid’s life. In my case, it was softball that called for most of my involvement. I never thought that my daughter would get into softball at all. I was your average baseball kid. I loved it from the get-go. I played it growing up; I played it in school. I played baseball up until college, but after that, baseball was relegated to just a hobby and an interest. It became something we watched as a family occasionally on television–at least until one fateful night.

My daughter was 5 years old, and I decided to take her to the local high school’s softball game on a regular night. It was nothing exciting, really. The stands were barely occupied, and to be honest, our high school team wasn’t the best. But something in that atmosphere stirred something in my daughter that I could only explain as pure, inherent likeness for the game. She absolutely loved it and asked to go again next time. We did, and after that game, she asked if she could have a bat. I didn’t know at that point that the interest would eventually become a passion. It also turned out that my daughter had the innate talent for it By the time I took my daughter to her first professional game, I knew she was already hooked for a while.

So here I write about all our athletic adventures and my experiences as a softball dad. It’s been years since that first softball game, and my daughter is still just as passionate as ever. It’s hard work like no other, but it’s something I wouldn’t have any other way.